User Agreement

  • Provision Of Service

    HLS Internet is a provider of Internet access, Web Page storage, and other Internet related services. HLS Internet agrees to make every reasonable effort to provide uninterrupted service 24 hours per day, 365 days a year. However, due to the nature of computers, and HLS Internet's reliance on other providers of service, HLS Internet does not guarantee service will be available at all times.

    I acknowledge that HLS Internet may need to perform system maintenance at times, which may result in an interruption of service. HLS Internet agrees to provide advance notice to these scheduled down times at least 72 hours prior to the interruption of service (notification delivered via E-Mail). I also understand that emergency maintenance may be required with no advance notice.

    I also acknowledge that circumstances beyond the control of HLS Internet may interrupt service at any time. These include, but are not limited to, hardware or software failures of HLS Internet's computers, interruption of service by HLS Internet's providers, public utility failures, or any problems with the Internet as a whole.

    I agree that I shall not hold HLS Internet, liable for any direct, indirect, or consequential losses incurred due to interruption in service, and I acknowledge that the service is provided on an "as available" basis.
  • The Internet In General

    While HLS Internet provides access to the Internet, HLS Internet does not have any control over the content of the Internet, or the security of information transmitted over the Internet.

    I understand that the content, information, services, and merchandise available on the Internet is provided by parties in no way affiliated with HLS Internet.

    I agree that it is solely my own responsibility to ascertain the accuracy, reliability, and quality of any information, service, merchandise, or transaction that is to be conveyed over the Internet, and that any such interchange is done at my own risk. I will not hold HLS Internet responsible for any losses or damages incurred due to any exchange of information or goods over the Internet.

    I further understand that the Internet is uncensored and unmoderated, and contains material and ideals that may be offensive to me. I realize that HLS Internet has absolutely no control over this, and I agree to assume full responsibility for accessing such material.
  • Web Page Regulations

    All sites hosted by HLS Internet may not contain any material that violates any United States law, including all Federal laws, and any laws of any State in the US. HLS Internet reserves the right to remove or disallow storage of any material that may cause any adverse effects to HLS Internet, HLS Internet equipment, or HLS Internet customers.

    Personal Web pages are to be used solely for personal information only. Under no circumstance shall a Personal web page be used for conducting business affairs, soliciting a product, financial transactions, or any type of commercial activity. It is to be under the sole discretion of HLS Internet as to the suitability of a pages content as a "Personal" page. Violators will be subject to immediate termination of their account without notice.

    Business Web pages are not subject to the commercial restrictions of a Personal Web page, but must abide by ethical business practices. Conduct that is strictly prohibited is fraud, copyright infringement, defamatory advertisement, or any activity that is in violation of International, Federal, State, or Local laws. Violators will be subject to immediate termination of their account without notice.
  • User Conduct

    Each dial-in account may be logged on only once at any given moment. Simultaneous logon's by any account are strictly prohibited. I agree never to access the service concurrently, and acknowledge that doing so will result in the termination of my account.

    I further agree never to transmit any unlawful, abusive, profane, defamatory, or threatening material, or to participate in any criminal activity, through use of HLS Internet, that violates any International, Federal, or State laws.

    I will not transmit any data that contains a virus, Trojan horse, worm, mail bomb, or any type of malicious byte code.

    I understand that the use of HLS Internet's mail system to distribute unsolicited email is EXPLICITLY FORBIDDEN, and that doing so will result in the immediate termination of my account, and the forfeiture of any monetary amount paid in advance, or due to me for any reason.

    I also agree not to misrepresent myself in any way to other parties over the Internet, including misinformation as to my identity, providing false credit card information, or any misleading commercial references.

    Customers receiving leased or dedicated connections may not resell, or distribute to other parties, access to the Internet through their connection. Doing so will result in the immediate termination of the connection, and forfeiture of any and all monetary amounts that may have been paid in advance. It is solely up to the discretion of HLS Internet as to whether the dedicated line recipient is in violation, and HLS Internet reserves the right to discontinue service to the dedicated line customer even if the customer is only suspected of redistributing Internet access.
  • Support

    Support will be provided during regular business hours, 9:00 to 5:30 Monday through Friday, at no additional charge. For after hours and onsite issues, support calls will be billed at the rate of $25 per hour, with a one hour minimum.
  • Payment For Service

    Payment for Service is due in advance. Invoices are sent electronically (via E-Mail) on the first of each month. Payment is due upon receipt and should be provided by the 10th of the month. A $5 late fee will be incurred if payment is not received by the 15th of the month, and accounts will be terminated if payment is not received by the 1st of the following month. A paper invoice can be mailed, but only if explicitly requested to HLS Internet.

    HLS Internet reserves the right to modify the Service rates at any time. HLS Internet agrees to provide 30 days notice of any rate increases (via E-Mail), and will always post the current rates at the HLS Internet web site.

    I understand that charges incurred for overtime hours will be billed on the following month's invoice.

    I understand that it is my own responsibility to be aware of the current price rate.

    I agree to abide by the above stated terms, and that by accessing HLS Internet, I am complying to the current price schedule, and agree to pay all charges at the rate in effect at the time of access.

    I agree to be liable for all charges incurred while my account is active.
  • "Unlimited" account description

    Unlimited access is defined as "un-metered" service, but does not allow for dedicated connections. Accounts having connections consistantly exceeding 23 hours in a single day, or accruing more than 300 hours per month will be subject to review and possible termination.
  • Legal Information

    HLS Internet reserves the right to monitor any activity on it's equipment. I acknowledge that my actions while using HLS Internet may be documented at any time, and that HLS Internet may be required to provide said information to law enforcement agencies.

    HLS Internet reserves the right to refuse service to any party.

    HLS Internet reserves the right to modify this agreement at any time, however the current agreement will be available at all times at the HLS Internet web site, and supercedes any prior agreement.

    I agree that it is my responsibility to regularly review the current agreement, posted at the HLS Internet web site, to determine if I agree with all the current terms. I further agree that by accessing HLS Internet, I comprehend and consent to all the terms of the current User Agreement posted on the HLS Internet site.

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